TSN e-cigarette

New TSN e-cigarette can refract and glitter. It is especially for fashion people who usually go to bar, nightclub, other entertainment venues, hotel, etc. at night. With metal finishing and diamond button, it looks stylish and fashionable.

Gift box packaging
1pc TSN battery
2pc TSN atomizers
1pc Apple charger
1pc USB cable
1pc needle bottle

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eGo series e-cigarettes

Fashionable and novel eGo-CE4 is equipped with up-to-date CE4 clearomizer and large capacity battery, which can produce powerful vapor and never leaks. It is perfect e-cigarettes for heavy smokers and simple to use. Quickly and continuously press on-off button five times in 2 seconds. LED light flashes 4 times, the battery will be unlocked. Still hold the button down, now it is ready to inhale. Another five times of quick and continuous pressing button will lock the battery.

Blister card packaging
1pc battery
1pc CE4 clearomizer
1pc USB charger
Blister card size: 20x8cm

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